REMHL 2019 Playoff Championship Final

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets


REMHL Championship Final (Best-of-5)
St Albert Royals vs Hockey Central Panthers

REM 2019 Championship Final

1WedMar 2019:15St Albert RoyalsHockey Central PanthersSMX
2ThuMar 2120:00Hockey Central PanthersSt Albert RoyalsGAA
3SatMar 2317:15St Albert RoyalsHockey Central PanthersSMX
4SunMar 2412:15Hockey Central PanthersSt Albert RoyalsAKI
5WedMar 2719:00St Albert RoyalsHockey Central PanthersSMX


REMHL 2019 Playoff Semi-Finals

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets


REMHL Semi Final Series 1 (Best-of-5)
SSAC Dolce Vita (Red Pool 2nd) vs St Albert (Blue Pool 1st)

St Albert wins series 3-1

REM 2019 Semi-Final 1

1SatMar 0920:00SSAC Dolce Vita Homes3St Albert Royals6AKI
2WedMar 1320:15St Albert Royals3SSAC Dolce Vita Homes2CDA
-ThuMar 1420:00SSAC Dolce Vita Homes -- POSTPONED ---St Albert Royals-TCA
3SatMar 1620:00SSAC Dolce Vita Homes2St Albert Royals1AKI
4MonMar 1820:00St Albert Royals2SSAC Dolce Vita Homes1MWA


REMHL Semi Final Series 2 (Best-of-5)
Red Deer (Blue Pool 2nd) vs Hockey Central (Red Pool 1st)

Hockey Central wins series 3-0

REM 2019 Semi-Final 2

1SunMar 1014:00Red Deer TBS Chiefs2Hockey Central Panthers7SMX
2TueMar 1219:00Hockey Central Panthers7Red Deer TBS Chiefs2COL
3WedMar 1319:00Red Deer TBS Chiefs3Hockey Central Panthers5SMX


REMHL 2019 Playoff Quarter-Final Pools

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets


REM Playoff 2019 – Blue Pool Standings

1St Albert Royals (2nd) *330021760.750
2Red Deer TBS Chiefs (7th) *3210121240.500
3SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators (3rd)312081320.381
4MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile (6th)302191800.333

* Advance to Semi-Finals

4SunFeb 2420:006th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile32nd - St Albert Royals5CMM
5MonFeb 2520:157th - Red Deer TBS Chiefs33rd - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators0SPA
8FriMar 0120:303rd - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators6 OT6th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile5TMW
10SatMar 0217:002nd - St Albert Royals117th - Red Deer TBS Chiefs2COL
13WedMar 0620:007th - Red Deer TBS Chiefs76th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile1GTA
15ThuMar 0720:153rd - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators22nd - St Albert Royals5GAA


REM Playoff 2019 – Red Pool Standings

1Hockey Central Panthers (1st) *330020160.952
2SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (4th) *321091240.429
3CAC Volvo of Edmonton (5th)3120111120.500
4SSAC APD ACDelco (8th)303042000.167

* Advance to Semi-Finals

6MonFeb 2520:008th - SSAC APD ACDelco24th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes3CVB
7TueFeb 2620:005th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton01st - Hockey Central Panthers4SMX
11FriMar 0119:451st - Hockey Central Panthers108th - SSAC APD ACDelco0BHA
9SatMar 0219:455th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton44th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes5CFA
12WedMar 0620:008th - SSAC APD ACDelco25th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton7TCD
14WedMar 0619:004th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes11st - Hockey Central Panthers6SMX


REMHL 2019 Playoff Preliminary Round

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets

Preliminary Round – 8th Place Pool – February 20 – 23
Round 1 – Quarter-Finals Pool Red & Pool Blue – February 24 – 28
Round 2 – Semi-Finals Best-of-5 – March 1 – 4
Round 3 – Championship Final Best-of-5 – March 5 – 8

REM Preliminary Round Pool 2019

1WedFeb 2020:1511th - Strathcona Warriors38th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs4 (SO)CDA
2ThuFeb 2119:4510th - PAC Saints5 (SO)9th - Camrose Vikings4ENC
3SatFeb 2317:0010th - PAC Saints38th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs6BHA

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