League Leaders

2022-23 U16 AA Playoffs

Playoff Scoresheets (Home Team to Enter Game Sheet)

REMHL 2023 Championship | Final

1SatMar 1119:30Rural - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers3Metro - SSAC Cameron Homes4 (OT)TCB
2SunMar 1213:00Metro - SSAC Cameron Homes5Rural - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers1JRC
3WedMar 1520:00Rural - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers0Metro - SSAC Cameron Homes2TCD

REMHL Playoffs 2023 Metro Division | Semi-Finals & Finals

15TueMar 0718:30Semi A - 4th SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators1Semi A - 1st St Albert Royals5KEA
16TueMar 0719:30Semi B - 3rd KC Spurs1Semi B - 2nd SSAC Cameron Homes 3MWB
17WedMar 0820:00Final B - SSAC Cameron Homes *4Final A - St Albert Royals3TCD

REMHL Playoffs 2023 – Metro Division Standings

1St Albert Royals *440023580.821
2SSAC Cameron Homes *420213660.684
3KC Spurs *421111850.579
4SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators *4220131740.433
5MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile4121101030.500
6CAC Volvo of Edmonton4130111420.440
7PAC Saints404062600.188

REMHL 2023 Metro Division | Preliminary Round

1WedMar 0119:305th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile32nd - SSAC Cameron Homes3CDB
2WedMar 0119:306th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton33rd - St Albert Royals7GTA
3WedMar 0120:154th - KC Spurs41st - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators1CDA
4ThuMar 0218:305th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile61st - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators1GTA
5ThuMar 0219:454th - KC Spurs02nd - SSAC Cameron Homes0CDB
6ThuMar 0220:157th - PAC Saints03rd - St Albert Royals6KEA
7SatMar 0419:157th - PAC Saints22nd - SSAC Cameron Homes8TCD
8SatMar 0419:306th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton31st - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators4TCB
9SatMar 0420:004th - KC Spurs23rd - St Albert Royals7MWA
10SunMar 0519:307th - PAC Saints41st - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators7KMB
11SunMar 0520:006th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton12nd - SSAC Cameron Homes2MWA
12SunMar 0520:155th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile03rd - St Albert Royals3MWB
13MonMar 0620:157th - PAC Saints04th - KC Spurs5CWB
14MonMar 0620:156th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton45th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile1MWA

REMHL Playoffs 2023 Rural Division | Semi-Finals & Finals

15SunMar 0509:15Semi B - 3rd Camrose Vikings2Semi B - 2nd Fort Saskatchewan Rangers6ENC
16SunMar 0509:30Semi A - 4th Strathcona Warriors4Semi A - 1st Lloydminster Blazers7MMA
17SunMar 0516:00Final B - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers *1Final A - Lloydminster Blazers0MMA

REMHL Playoffs 2023 – Rural Division Standings

1Lloydminster Blazers *431028960.757
2Fort Saskatchewan Rangers *431021760.750
3Camrose Vikings *4310151160.577
4Strathcona Warriors *4310141160.560
5Lakeland Panthers4220121640.429
6Beaumont Braves4040102700.270
7Fort McMurray Oil Barons404052400.172

REMHL 2023 Rural Division | Preliminary Round

1WedMar 0117:005th - Strathcona Warriors42nd - Lloydminster Blazers3ENC
2WedMar 0118:156th - Beaumont Braves13rd - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers6MMA
3WedMar 0119:304th - Lakeland Panthers21st - Camrose Vikings6ENC
4ThuMar 0212:454th - Lakeland Panthers22nd - Lloydminster Blazers6BPA
5ThuMar 0213:155th - Strathcona Warriors31st - Camrose Vikings0MMA
6ThuMar 0215:157th - Fort McMurray Oil Barons03rd - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers8ENC
7FriMar 0312:006th - Beaumont Braves41st - Camrose Vikings6ENC
8FriMar 0312:157th - Fort McMurray Oil Barons22nd - Lloydminster Blazers9MMA
9FriMar 0314:454th - Lakeland Panthers43rd - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers3MMA
10FriMar 0318:307th - Fort McMurray Oil Barons21st - Camrose Vikings3BPA
11FriMar 0318:306th - Beaumont Braves12nd - Lloydminster Blazers10MMA
12FriMar 0319:305th - Strathcona Warriors23rd - Fort Saskatchewan Rangers4ENC
13SatMar 0413:157th - Fort McMurray Oil Barons14th - Lakeland Panthers4ENC
14SatMar 0415:156th - Beaumont Braves45th - Strathcona Warriors5BPA


2022 U16 AA Scotia Bank Tournament of Champions

Thursday November 10 to Sunday November 13


Gold Medal Champions– NWCAA Bronks
Silver Medal Winner– Okotoks Oilers
Bronze Medal Winner – KC Spurs