The Whitehorse U16 Minor Mustangs visited the Edmonton area in December 2015 for a series of exhibition games in their inaugural season. The Minor U16 team was created during the offseason to prevent the exodus of top young hockey players the territory sees each season.

Wednesday, December 16 – 9:00 pm @ South Side
SSAC Minor U16 AA Southgate Lions Mustangs (5)
vs Whitehorse U16 Minor  Mustangs (1)

Friday, December 18 – 6:45 pm @ Terwillegar D
SSAC Minor U16 AA Dolce Vita Homes (3)
vs Whitehorse U16 Minor  Mustangs (7)

Saturday, December 19 – 5:45 pm @ Strathcona Olympiette
Strathcona Warriors (1)
vs Whitehorse U16 Minor  Mustangs (8)

Sunday, December 20 – 8:45 pm @ Sherwood Park
SPKAC TAHK Project Senators (2)
vs Whitehorse U16 Minor Mustangs (2)