Suspension Guidelines


These guidelines apply to all REM league, exhibition, final games and sanctioned tournaments. All Hockey Canada rule violation suspensions will be issued by the REM League Discipline Director or designate.

All suspension terms refer to suspension from all hockey games until it has been served with the team in which the player/official was assessed the suspension. Exceptions: Players/Coaches who are Referees/Linesmen. Suspensions that exceed one-month duration will include exclusion from practices as well.

If a Team Official or Player participates in a game or if their name appears on the game sheet while under suspension, the Team Official responsible for an ineligible Player or Official (usually the coach and/or manager of the team) will be subject to immediate discipline and the team may forfeit any games played using an Ineligible Player or Official.

For league Suspension Guidelines, download:

1) Hockey Alberta Minimum Suspension for Players

2) Hockey Alberta Accumulation Sanctions for Players

3) Hockey Alberta Minimum Suspensions for Coaches

4) Hockey Alberta Accumulation Sanctions for Coaches

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