REMHL 2017-18 Championship Final

Best-of-5 Game Final – March 17, 19, 21, 23 & 25
Semi Final 2 Winner vs Semi Final 1 Winner
St Albert Royals vs Hockey Central Panthers

Hockey Central Panthers win League Championship series 3-0

1SatMar 1719:15St Albert Royals2Hockey Central Panthers3SMX
2MonMar 1918:45Hockey Central Panthers5St Albert Royals2AKI
3WedMar 2119:15St Albert Royals1Hockey Central Panthers4SMX
4FriMar 2318:30Hockey Central PanthersSt Albert RoyalsCTM
5SunMar 2516:30St Albert RoyalsHockey Central PanthersSMX


REMHL Playoff Semi-Finals

Playoff Scores & Game Sheet


REMHL Semi Final Series 1 (Best-of-5)
CAC Volvo of Edmonton (Blue Pool 2nd) vs Hockey Central Panthers (Red Pool 1st)

Hockey Central Panthers win series 3-2

REM 2018 Semi-Final 1

1WedMar 0719:15CAC Volvo of Edmonton3Hockey Central Panthers4SMX
2FriMar 0919:45Hockey Central Panthers6CAC Volvo of Edmonton4LON
3SunMar 1112:30CAC Volvo of Edmonton6Hockey Central Panthers5SMX
4WedMar 1419:45Hockey Central Panthers5CAC Volvo of Edmonton6 O/TLON
5ThuMar 1519:15CAC Volvo of Edmonton2Hockey Central Panthers4SMX


REMHL Semi Final Series 2 (Best-of-5)
Strathcona Warriors (Red Pool 2nd) vs St Albert Royals (Blue Pool 1st)

St Albert Royals win series 3-0

REM 2018 Semi-Final 2

1WedMar 0720:15Strathcona Warriors0St Albert Royals9GAA
2FriMar 0920:45St Albert Royals6Strathcona Warriors1SOC
3SunMar 1116:00Strathcona Warriors3St Albert Royals9GAA
4TueMar 1320:00St Albert RoyalsStrathcona WarriorsSOC
5ThuMar 1520:15Strathcona WarriorsSt Albert RoyalsGAA



REMHL 2018 Playoff Round Robin

NOTE: 1st & 2nd place teams assigned 4 HOME GAMES

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets

*** Subject-to-change ***


REM Playoff – Red Pool Standings

1Hockey Central Panthers (1st) *440016780.696
2Strathcona Warriors (10th) *4220131740.433
3MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile (6th)4220151040.600
4SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (4th)4121131630.448
5PAC Saints (8th)4130111820.379

* Advance to Semi-Finals – Tiebreaker Head-to-Head Matchup
** 1 pt for Over Time Lost / Shootout Lost

1ThuFeb 2219:004th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes11st - Hockey Central Panthers3BEN
4FriFeb 2320:158th - PAC Saints26th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile7CWB
5SatFeb 2417:3010th - Strathcona Warriors6 S/O4th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes5BHA
7SunFeb 2515:006th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile21st - Hockey Central Panthers3SMX
10MonFeb 2619:4510th - Strathcona Warriors28th - PAC Saints5TLS
12TueFeb 2720:008th - PAC Saints24th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes5TCA
13WedFeb 2819:1510th - Strathcona Warriors21st - Hockey Central Panthers6SMX
15FriMar 0220:1510th - Strathcona Warriors36th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile1CWB
16SatMar 0314:308th - PAC Saints21st - Hockey Central Panthers4BEN
19SatMar 0318:156th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile54th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes2TMW

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets


REM Playoff – Blue Pool Standings

1St Albert Royals (3rd) *440020780.741
2CAC Volvo of Edmonton (7th) *430118970.667
3Red Deer TBS Chiefs (2nd)4220151440.517
4SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators (5th)413071420.333
5SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs (9th)404042000.167

* Advance to Semi-Finals
** 1 pt for Over Time Lost / Shootout Lost

2ThuFeb 2219:153rd - St Albert Royals62nd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs3COL
3ThuFeb 2220:007th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton65th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators1SPS
6SatFeb 2420:009th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs13rd - St Albert Royals7AKI
8SunFeb 2516:005th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators22nd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs5KCA
9SunFeb 2517:309th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs27th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton4MWA
11TueFeb 2719:309th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs12nd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs5COL
14WedFeb 2819:457th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton33rd - St Albert Royals4 S/OAKI
17SatMar 0317:009th - SSAC APD ACDelco Mustangs05th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators4SPS
18SatMar 0315:007th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton52nd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs2KCA
20SunMar 0412:155th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators03rd - St Albert Royals3CMM

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets


2016-17 REM-15AA League Champions


Congratulations to the SSAC Besa Power Skating
for winning the 2016-17 League Championship!


Playoff Scores & Game Sheets