REMHL 2022 Playoff Preliminary Round

Playoff Scores & Game Sheets

Preliminary Round 1 | Championship & Consolation | March 1
Round 2 | Semi-Finals Best-of-5 | March 6
Round 3 | Championship Final Best-of-5 | March

Overtime Rules | Quarter Final Policy
5 min Overtime, then Shootout of 3 shooters
If no winner, then each team will shoot until a winner declared with 1 shooter per side
Shooters cannot shoot again until each team utilizes their entire line up

Overtime Rules | Semi Final & Final Policy
Hockey Canada Sudden Victory
10 min Overtime, then flood, 20 min Overtime, etc.
See Finals Overtime Rules

REM 2020 Semi-Final 1

1WedMar 1119:45Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd)4SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th)3CFA
2FriMar 1319:45SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th)Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd)SER
3SatMar 1419:00Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd)SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th)TME
4MonMar 1619:00SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th)Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd)SER
5WedMar 1819:15Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd)SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th)TME

Playoffs Game Sheets

REM 2020 Semi-Final 2

1WedMar 1119:15SSAC Cameron Homes (1st)2Hockey Central Panthers (2nd)5SMX
2FriMar 1318:30Hockey Central Panthers (2nd)SSAC Cameron Homes (1st)TCC
3SatMar 1417:15SSAC Cameron Homes (1st)Hockey Central Panthers (2nd)SMX
4MonMar 1620:15Hockey Central Panthers (2nd)SSAC Cameron Homes (1st)MWA
5WedMar 1819:15SSAC Cameron Homes (1st)Hockey Central Panthers (2nd)SMX

REM Playoff 2020 – Blue Pool Standings

1Hockey Central Panthers (2nd) *32019540.643
2Red Deer TBS Chiefs (3rd) *321015840.652
3Strathcona Warriors (7th) 312051220.294
4St Albert Royals (6th)312081220.400

* Top 2 Advance to Semi-Finals

REM 2020 Blue Pool Schedule

6WedFeb 2620:006th - St Albert Royals3 SO2nd - Hockey Central Panthers2SMX
7FriFeb 2820:307th - Strathcona Warriors13rd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs7COL
8SatFeb 2919:306th - St Albert Royals33rd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs6KNX
11WedMar 0420:152nd - Hockey Central Panthers37th - Strathcona Warriors0SOC
13ThuMar 0520:157th - Strathcona Warriors46th - St Albert Royals2GAA
15SatMar 0719:303rd - Red Deer TBS Chiefs22nd - Hockey Central Panthers4SMX

** Tentative Subject-to-Change

REM Playoff 2020 – Red Pool Standings

1SSAC Dolce Vita Homes (5th) *330013860.619
2SSAC Cameron Homes (1st) *3210151240.556
3CAC Volvo of Edmonton (4th) 3102131120.542
4MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile (9th)303071700.292

* Top 2 Advance to Semi-Finals

REM 2020 Red Pool Schedule

4TueFeb 2520:005th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes41st - SSAC Cameron Homes2TCA
5FriFeb 2820:159th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile14th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton5MWB
9SunMar 0120:151st - SSAC Cameron Homes99th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile5MWB
10SunMar 0118:155th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes6 SO4th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton5CWA
12ThuMar 0520:159th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile15th - SSAC Dolce Vita Homes3CWA
14FriMar 0620:154th - CAC Volvo of Edmonton31st - SSAC Cameron Homes4 OTKEA

** Tentative Subject-to-Change

REM Preliminary Round Pool 2020

1TueFeb 1820:0010th - Camrose Vikings39th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile4TCA
2FriFeb 2120:1511th - PAC Saints18th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators4SPS
Preliminary Winner Game #1Preliminary Winner Game #2
3MonFeb 2419:159th - MLAC Lenbeth Weeping Tile68th - SPKAC TAHK Projects Senators3SPA